read marx every day
Elementary Principles of Philosophy by G. Politzer
An introduction to materialism, the dialectic method, and their synthesis into historical materialism.
Stalin: History and Criticism of a Black Legend by D. Losurdo
WORK IN PROGRESS - Examining the mythos behind the Black Legend of Stalin.
Unforgettable Days by General Võ Nguyên Giáp
WORK IN PROGRESS - Memoirs from the August Revolution in Vietnam.
False Nationalism False Internationalism by E. Tani, K. Sera
Class analysis and critique of major revolutionary actions in the 20th century.
Caliban and the Witch by S. Federici
WORK IN PROGRESS - A material history of capital's pre-conditional assault on women.
Blood Lies by G. Furr
An epic dismantling of Western propaganda.
Settlers by J. Sakai
A historical materialist study of labour and land in the US.
Dynamics of Social Change by H. Selsam, D. Goldway, H. Martel
WORK IN PROGRESS - Selected writings from Marx, Engels and Lenin.
Strike One To Educate One Hundred by Chris Aronson Beck, Reggie Emilia, Lee Morris and Ollie Patterson
The rise of the Red Brigades in Italy during the 1960-70s
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