Prefatory Note

This volume presents, in their own words, the basic ideas of Marx, Engels and Lenin in the areas of sociology, history, politics and economics. The editors have selected the most representative statements from the vast body of their writings and have arranged them to enable the reader to grasp their essentials. Although this book is complete in itself, it is a sequel and companion to the Reader in Marxist Philosophy (1963), which presents the philosophical framework in which Marxist thought developed.

The materials are divided into five parts. In additions to a general introduction, the editors have supplied a separate introduction to each part.

The guiding principle in arranging the selections has been to show the logical development of Marxist historical, economic and social thought. Since, however, chronology is often significant, the year in which the work was completed - though not necessarily published - is given after each entry.

The Contents gives the source of all entries. For the convenience of the reader the source is again indicated at the end of each selection.

--THE EDITORS (Howard Selsam, David Goldway, Harry Martel)

Most of the selections are taken from online sources rather than direct transcriptions from the hard copy of this book. There were slight differences in translation, small phrase variations mostly, but nothing that made me question using either source.

Elongated ellipses (".......") in the selections are omissions in the original text chosen by the original editors.